Do you feel like you are not reaching your full potential?

Are you getting out-muscled, out-sprinted, out-lasted and out-performed?

Would you like to

get stronger

sprint faster

cut sharper

run longer

Would you like to be more robust so injury worries are a thing of the past?

Would you like to leave your opponent in the dirt wondering who and what he just came up against?

Would you like to become an athletic machine?

If so…

I can help.

I’m Andrew Morrow and I’m a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. I love sports and I love seeing athletes performing at their highest capacity. I have worked with individual footballers at almost all levels and am the strength & conditioning coach for Strømsgodset IF Fotball 05. On top of this I have worked with handball and volleyball players at youth level, tennis at senior level, and bandy at international level. I have also trained numerous former professional and international athletes, aiding them in the transition from competitive to non-competitive training, as well as training people to pass the fitness tests for the police force and the armed forces (without a single fail).

I care about high performance and I care about my athletes. It is important to me that athletes are at their best every single time they compete. A well designed and professionally coached strength & conditioning program can turn an average athlete into a good one, a good athlete into a brilliant one, and a brilliant athlete into an elite performer, meaning you can progress to higher realms within your sport.

Every moment you neglect your strength & conditioning training is a moment your opposition pulls away. Now is the time for YOU to get ahead. Don’t leave potential unrealized. Don’t look back and think what could have been. If you are serious about a career in sport you need to prioritize your strength & conditioning training now!

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